Shannon Field

Night Riders

Night Riders, 2007
Size (cm): 63.5w x 53.5h x 6d
Artbank Collection

Shannon Field (b. 1970) is an artist that primarily works in drawing, printmaking and textile work. As an extension of the return to craft, notably as a feminist critical strategy, Field uses textiles to explore issues of contemporary masculinity and gender performance. His work has a graphic and bold quality, which often utilises humour or satire to broach difficult subjects or histories. There are art references from Sidney Nolan to Kara Walker. Game Hunting and Night Riders, both come from a series called Wild Colonial Boys. The catalogue essay suggested that, “Field utilizes the image of the Australian convict to depict both the ongoing relationship between Australia’s past and present and the repressive consequences that result from the encumbered manner in which men play out their lives.” In 2007 Field represented UNSW at the Hatched exhibition at PICA, WA.