Physiotherapist Orsi Kokai applying manual techniques to reduce neck tightness in a patient recovering from treatment for head and neck cancer

Physiotherapy for head and neck cancer patients

Introducing Orsi Kokai I invited physiotherapist Orsi Kokai to explain the multiple ways in which specialist physiotherapists can help reduce and manage long term side
Screening clinic at the footy
Parramatta Eels Cheerleaders supporting our free head and neck cancer clinic at Bankwest Stadium on World Head and Neck Cancer Day.

Head and neck cancer screening at the footy

Head and neck cancer screening Surgeons and oncologists who work in Head and Neck Cancer Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs) are qualified to screen patients for head

Dr Brett Leavers, Nurse Practitioner Lisa Heathcote and Assoc Prof Richard Gallagher

Expanding my clinical team

Meeting the needs of head and neck cancer patients Head and neck cancer treatment is difficult, complex and overwhelming for patients and carers. By adding

Not all noisy breathing is asthma.

The alternative treatment I offer to appropriate patients with idiopathic subglottic stenosis is open surgery. Cricotracheal resection, tracheal resection, and laryngotracheoplasty are procedures which remove the narrowed part of the lower larynx and upper trachea called the subglottis. The larynx and trachea are then sewn back together. This surgery offers a longer term solution because it removes the part of the narrowed section of the trachea. I will expand on treatment options including cricotracheal and tracheal resection in another blog post.


HPV doesn’t just cause cervical cancer High income countries like Australia are facing a human papillomavirus (HPV) related cancer epidemic. It is not cervical cancer